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Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics (STAA)


A microscope.


STAA is focused on science and technology in the federal government and beyond. To help give Congress information it needs to make forward-looking decisions, STAA provides:  

  • Assessments of key technologies and their related policy options
  • Best practices guides for developing and acquiring complex projects
  • Oversight of federal science, technology, and research programs and policies
  • Tools and strategies for applying advanced data science to audit work

Some positions this team employs: 

  • Policy and Operations Research Analysts 
  • Physical, Data, and Biology Scientists 
  • Systems and Aerospace Engineers 
  • Standard and Emerging Technologists 
  • Cloud, Back End, and Front End Developers 
  • Cloud and Data Governance Specialists
  • Communications Analysts 
  • Visual Communications Analysts 
  • Management Analysts
  • Assistant Directors 

Work at a glance:

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