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Forensic Audits and Investigative Service (FAIS)


A calculator and computer.


FAIS focuses on identifying and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse across the federal government. In addition to conducting forensic audits and fraud risk evaluations, it conducts oversight investigations and security assessments. FAIS also operates FraudNet, a hotline for the public to report allegations of federal resource misuse.

FAIS has analysts with forensic and performance audit experience, data experts, and investigators with law enforcement experience. They work together using data analytics and investigative methods (e.g., covert testing) to enhance congressional oversight. 

Some positions this team employs: 

  • Program Analysts
  • Financial Auditors
  • Data Analysts 
  • Criminal Investigators  
  • Investigative Research Analysts
  • Administrative Assistants 

Work at a glance:

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