A Year in Crossword

Posted on December 21, 2015

A year is long time in WatchBlog years. As we near the end of 2015, we’re taking a look back at the myriad of topics we’ve covered. From aviation to zoonotics, and almost every letter in between, we’ve had quite a year! Think you’ve been keeping up? For Crossword Puzzle Day, try out our year-end crossword. The puzzle is available as an interactive webpage here, or in PDF version here. Stumped? Just click on the clues to bring you to the post with the answer.

Good luck and see you next year!

crossword puzzle


2. 5-year-old regulating the U.S. financial system
7. Fresh breath required
13. Why fraud can’t hide from us
16. Don’t gotta put a ring on it
19. Special glasses not needed
20. The f-stop and shutter speed of budgeting
21. “Homework
22. Count on it


1. When it nears, it takes extraordinary measures to manage
3. You can say that again
4. High-tech burglary
5. Neither box-shaped nor black
6. We all live here, so let’s celebrate!
8. They like to count down
9. Gobble gobble
10. Your mortgage interest deduction is one
11. Puts lips together and saves the government money
12. Smokey’s nemesis
14. Payment for government goods and services
15. Fav Archer and Loggins phrase
17. Healthy at 50?
18. Terrors behind the wheel?

Click here for the answer key (PDF).

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