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As A New Congress Takes Office, Here’s How GAO Can Help Their Transition

Posted on January 03, 2023

The 118th Congress is being sworn in today. While Members of Congress will take office in a time that presents many significant challenges for the country, GAO is prepared to help Congress meet its oversight challenges across the entire breadth of the federal government.

Today’s WatchBlog post looks at the resources GAO provides to Members, their staff, the media, and the public.


A photo of GAO headquarters in Washington DC. The sign in the photo reads "Government Accountability Office."


Resources for Congress on

GAO is a trusted source for fact-based, nonpartisan information about government agencies and programs. We study key challenges facing the nation and provide recommendations to improve government services and save taxpayer dollars. Our experts are well-positioned to help elected officials and their staff prioritize policy matters and develop oversight agendas.

The For Congress page on has information on the many ways that we serve Congress. Gene L. Dodaro, the U.S. Comptroller General and head of GAO, discusses the available resources in this video:

Here’s a quick look at our resources for Congress:

Technical Assistance

When Congress needs quick answers, we can provide ‘technical assistance.’ We define “technical assistance” as work that can be done in 5 days or less. Technical assistance can include briefings on prior GAO work from our experts, targeted data analysis, comments on legislative bills, and more. Results of this assistance are not made publicly available.

Our subject matter experts are senior staff with expertise that covers the full range of policy work done by GAO. Use our Find an Expert tool to look them up.

Testimonies and Hearing Assistance

If you are a Congressional staffer planning a hearing, GAO can help. Our experts can testify as witnesses on our work and findings. We can also provide congressional staff statements for the record, develop hearing questions, and help identify witnesses.


Legal Opinions

GAO’s Office of General Counsel issues legal decisions, opinions, and reports in several areas:

  • Appropriations Law: Congressional members and committees may request opinions and certain agency officials may request decisions from the Comptroller General on questions involving the use of and accountability for public funds.
  • Bid Protests: GAO provides an objective, independent, and impartial forum for the resolution of disputes concerning the awards of federal contracts.
  • Other Legal Work: GAO also issues other legal decisions. For example, we review the temporary filling of executive agency positions under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act.

Science and Technology

Our Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics (STAA) team focuses on science, technology, and innovation policy issues. Their work allows GAO to explain core concepts in science and technology, explore potential implications, and provide policy options to help support congressional decision making.

GAO Reports

Our reports give Congress timely, fact-based, non-partisan information that can improve government operations and save taxpayers billions of dollars. Read our latest reports.

While GAO is known for detailed audit reports, we also produce several signature publications. These are recurring featured products such as our America’s Fiscal Future report, High Risk List, and Duplication & Cost Savings work.

Details about our ongoing work are available only to Members of Congress and their staff. Browse a list of all ongoing work here, or search ongoing work here.

Connect with GAO

This is a lot of information to navigate. Luckily, we have people to help Members of Congress and their staff every step of the way.

  • Congressional Relations Advisors: Don’t know where to start? Every congressional committee has a designated GAO advisor, find them here. Congressional staff can also call our Office of Congressional Relations at (202) 512-4400 or email
  • Media Inquiries: Contact our Office of Public Affairs at (202) 512-4800 or email

GAO Contacts

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The blog format allows GAO to provide a little more context about its work than it can offer on its other social media platforms. Posts will tie GAO work to current events and the news; show how GAO’s work is affecting agencies or legislation; highlight reports, testimonies, and issue areas where GAO does work; and provide information about GAO itself, among other things.

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