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GAO created the Center for Strategic Foresight in 2018 to serve as the agency’s principal hub for identifying, monitoring, and analyzing emerging issues facing policymakers. The Center reflects GAO’s mandate to provide Congress with reliable, fact-based information for overseeing federal agencies and programs. 

The Center currently has eight non-resident Fellows who are leading experts in foresight, planning, and futures thinking from around the world. Collectively, their wide range of experience and expertise spans government agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions. Learn more about the Center’s 2019 Fellows and team (PDF, 4 pages).

The Center held an inaugural conference in September 2019 with experts and Fellows, exploring two emerging topics affecting the nation’s future security:

  • Deep space—the management of space policy in the government and private sector; and  
  • Deep fakes—the growing use worldwide of AI-generated “synthetic media” to manipulate online and real-world interactions.

For more information about the conference, read our September 10, 2019 press release.

Earlier in 2019, the Fellows met with GAO officials to discuss the future of identity and privacy. Future activities will focus on topics such as cellular agriculture, demographic shifts within and across states and regions, emotion recognition technology, and brain-machine interfaces. The Center will continue its dialog with Congressional staff on topics and emerging issues of greatest national importance.

The Center operates within GAO’s Office of Strategic Planning and External Liaison, playing the important role of analyzing trends that will affect federal agencies and programs now and in the future.

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