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Testimonies and Hearing Assistance

If you are planning a hearing, GAO can help as a witness at the table or in other ways.

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In addition to providing expert witnesses to testify on the full range of topics that support Congress’s oversight efforts, GAO can provide a statement for the record, develop hearing questions, and help identify witnesses.

How to Request

Requests for GAO testimony should be made by a committee or subcommittee Chair in writing. GAO will strive to respond to all congressional requests for testimony. If you are interested in requesting a GAO witness to testify on GAO work at a hearing, please contact your committee’s Congressional Relations Advisor or directly contact the GAO witness early in the process. With respect to hearings, GAO can provide a statement for the record and answer questions for the record. In addition to hearings, GAO staff are available to participate in committee-sponsored roundtables and provide member briefings.