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Technical Assistance

We define “technical assistance” as work that can be done in 5 days or less. This work could include briefings on prior work by GAO experts, data analysis, white papers, or comments on legislative bills.

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We are sensitive to the time crunch Congress’s fast-paced environment creates for staff. We can do technical assistance work without a written request—such as:

  • Briefings on prior work by GAO experts
  • Readily available information
  • Targeted data analysis
  • Comments on legislative bills
  • White papers

Results of this assistance are not posted on the GAO website or otherwise made publicly available, and are not publicly attributable to GAO.

We can also provide comments on proposed legislation. GAO aims to identify likely program changes if a bill is enacted, as well as the impact of such changes on a specific program. We provide comments on legislative bills when:

  1. Requested to do so by a committee or Member of Congress,
  2. GAO's authority or responsibilities would be affected by the bill's passage, or
  3. GAO has information that would be useful to committees or members in considering or modifying the bill.

How to Request

Are you considering requesting technical assistance, or including a reporting requirement for GAO in legislation? You’re welcome to use our Find an Expert tool to find and contact a subject matter expert directly.

Unsure where to start? E-mail GAO’s Office of Congressional Relations at, call (202) 512-4400, or contact your committee’s Congressional Relations Advisor.


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