\nSmall Business Administration: Disaster Loan Processing Was Timelier, but Planning Improvements and Pilot Program Evaluation Needed<\/a>\nGAO-20-168,\nMar 9, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nScience & Tech Spotlight: Coronaviruses<\/a>\nGAO-20-472SP,\nMar 3, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nTax Cuts and Jobs Act: Considerable Progress Made Implementing Business Provisions, but IRS Faces Administrative and Compliance Challenges<\/a>\nGAO-20-103,\nFeb 25, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nNational Biodefense Strategy: Additional Efforts Would Enhance Likelihood of Effective Implementation<\/a>\nGAO-20-273,\nFeb 19, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nVA Health Care: Veterans' Use of Long-Term Care Is Increasing, and VA Faces Challenges in Meeting the Demand<\/a>\nGAO-20-284,\nFeb 19, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nDefense Health Care: Plans Needed to Ensure Implementation of Required Elements for TRICARE's Managed Care Support Contracts<\/a>\nGAO-20-197,\nFeb 7, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nDrug Development: FDA's Priority Review Voucher Programs<\/a>\nGAO-20-251,\nJan 31, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nPublic-Safety Broadband Network: Network Deployment Is Progressing, but FirstNet Could Strengthen Its Oversight<\/a>\nGAO-20-346,\nJan 27, 2020\n<\/p>\n

\nNutrition Assistance Programs: Agencies Could Do More to Help Address the Nutritional Needs of Older Adults<\/a>\nGAO-20-18,\nDec 23, 2019\n<\/p>\n

\nTroubled Asset Relief Program: Status Update on Treasury's Two Active Investment Programs<\/a>\nGAO-20-218R,\nDec 16, 2019\n<\/p>\n","nextStart":20}