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Lessons Learned from Efforts to Meet Global Vaccination Goal

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Latesha Love-Grayer discusses GAO’s report "COVID-19: USAID Plans to Share Lessons Learned from Efforts to Meet Global Vaccination Goal". Millions of people around the world have died from COVID-19. The U.S. government has pledged to help reach a global goal of vaccinating 70% of the world's population against the virus. As of July 2023, the U.S. Agency for International Development has helped 125 countries vaccinate their populations against COVID-19. But issues such as vaccine hesitancy and difficulty accessing remote populations have impacted its work. As a result, almost two-thirds of the assisted countries had vaccination rates at or below 50% of the population. USAID plans to share lessons learned from these issues to help its global partners prepare for future pandemics.
Date: Sep 27, 2023
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