• Bid Protests

    Federal government procurement contracts may be protested by bidders or other interested parties. GAO's Procurement Law Division adjudicates those bid protests.

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    Federal agencies are required to award government contracts in accordance with numerous acquisition laws and regulations. If a party interested in a government contract believes that an agency has violated procurement law or regulation

    • in a solicitation for goods or services, or
    • in the award of a contract,

    it may file a bid protest with our Office. GAO provides an inexpensive and expeditious forum for the resolution of bid protests.

    • Searching our Docket and our Decisions:

      Where can I find a GAO bid protest decision?

      To access a published bid protest decision, search for the decision by keyword below. Published decisions on recently-decided protests may not yet be publicly available (Read more here.)

    • Do all protests on our Docket result in a published decision?

      No. GAO does not publish most decisions dismissing a protest, including instances where an agency takes some form of corrective action. Also, a protester may choose to withdraw its protest prior to a decision being reached.

    • Where can I find information about the status of a protest?

      Search GAO’s bid protest docket for status information about protests filed in the past 12 months. Docket information includes the protester, agency involved, solicitation at issue, GAO attorney assigned to the protest, and key dates.

    • How often is the Docket updated?

      Once a day.

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  • Are you looking for a protest but can’t find it? For questions about bid protests, e-mail ProtestFinder@gao.gov.