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If you are considering filing a bid protest (or are interested in the bid protest process), here are some reference materials and regulations to review. In addition, annual reports on bid protests and periodic notices for bidders are also available below.

Overview of GAO's Handling of Bid Protests


Bid Protest Regulations

These regulations explain the bid protest process.

Bid Protest Notices

These are key reference materials and other references related to our work.

GAO Updates Bid Protest Protective Order & Guide to GAO Protective Orders

GAO has updated its Protective Order issued in connection with bid protests to require admitted parties to notify GAO within 1 business day of the filing of any related protest before the United States Court of Federal Claims. This change will be effective for Protective Orders issued on or after June 1, 2019. Additionally, GAO's Guide to GAO Protective Orders will be updated to reflect this change, as well as other changes to the Protective Order that were implemented in 2018 as part of GAO's roll-out of the Electronic Protest Docketing System (EPDS).

Earlier Notices