Financial Status of Major Federal Acquisitions September 30, 1979

PSAD-80-25 Published: Feb 12, 1980. Publicly Released: Feb 12, 1980.
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Data about the financial status of major acquisitions of the U.S. Government, including acquisitions financed solely with Federal funds and those financed jointly with Federal, State, and other funds was incorporated into a report. Departments and agencies responsible for major acquisitions sent financial data on their projects and systems. The accuracy and completeness of the data in this report has not been verified. Because of the numerous projects involved, explanations of cost growth were obtained only for those weapon systems included on selected acquisition reports of the Department of Defense and for other projects having cost increases of 100 percent or more. In addition, the report does not compare cost increases of the Department of Defense agencies with those of civil agencies because overall comparisons could be misleading for many reasons, including different methods of handling inflation, and a variety of means of establishing baselines. Significantly, acquisitions included in this report are past the planning stage and are in the development, test, production, or construction phases. Completed projects are not included.

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