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How does the Information Environment Threaten National Security? (video blog)

Posted on September 21, 2022

Today’s information environment poses opportunities and threats to our national security. Wireless communication and social media have increased the speed and range of information sharing, diffusing the power once held more centrally.

In the videos below, GAO’s Joe Kirschbaum—an expert in emerging threats to national defense—discusses our new work about how the Department of Defense (DOD) is positioned to use and protect the information environment.


While the threats are varied, they can also come from a wide range of hostile actors.


Information systems have become more integrated into DOD’s missions and functions. Emerging technologies—such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 5G wireless telecommunications, and the Internet of Things—may introduce both opportunities for and threats to DOD in the information environment.

What is DOD doing to address these threats?

DOD components have identified a variety of actions that may help address the threats posed to our national security in the information environment. Achieving and sustaining an advantage on this battlefield requires DOD to undertake a comprehensive strategic approach that would include, for example, doctrine, organization, and training.

In our prior work, we’ve made a number of recommendations to help DOD create this approach and address threats posed by the information environment.

Learn more about our work on the information environment and DOD’s response by checking out our new report.

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