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Our New Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics Team

Posted on January 29, 2019

Today we launched a new Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics (STAA) team, expanding our work on cutting-edge science and technology issues.

STAA will focus on:

  1. Technology assessments and technical services for the Congress,
  1. Auditing federal science and technology programs,
  1. Compiling and utilizing best practices in the engineering sciences, including cost, schedule, and technology readiness assessment, and
  1. Establishing an audit innovation lab to explore, pilot, and deploy new advanced analytic capabilities, information assurance auditing, and emerging technologies that are expected to greatly impact auditing practices.

Watch our video, featuring U.S. Comptroller General Gene Dodaro and STAA’s Managing Directors Tim Persons (GAO’s Chief Scientist) and John Neumann, to learn about how this team will enhance our ability to help Congress oversee federal science and technology programs.


GAO: Science and Technology at GAO

Enhancing and expanding our work

GAO routinely provides analysis of how federal agencies manage and employ science and technology, such as regenerative medicine, 5G wireless communication, and quantum computing.

In addition to our more traditional audit work, we’ve also conducted technology assessments for nearly two decades. These forward-looking analyses examine the potential benefits and challenges of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

STAA will combine and enhance our technology assessment functions and our science and technology evaluation into a single, more prominent office to better meet Congress’ growing need for information on these important issues. We plan to fill the team’s roster with both experienced staff and new hires, so look out for future job postings.

Visit our site to learn more about STAA.

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