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July Podcast Roundup – Podcasts You May Have Missed

Posted on August 07, 2018

We’ve been busy podcasting this summer!  And if you’re not subscribed on iTunes or our RSS feed, you’re missing out. Today’s WatchBlog catches you up on some of our recent podcasts.

Summer Meals Programs: During the school year, federal and other programs help provide meals to children from low-income families, and most of those meals are eaten on-site at schools. But as schools close for summer recess, losing a centralized place to give the meals is just one of the challenges these programs face. Hear Kathy Larin, a director in our Education Workforce and Income Security team, talk about our report on the Summer Food Service Program:

Summer Meals Programs


Photos Showing Children Eating Breakfast and Playing Ball at Summer Meal Sites

DOD’s CFIUS Role: The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States is made up of federal agencies tasked with reviewing the national security implications of business deals with American companies with foreign involvement or ownership. The Department of Defense is a member of this committee, and Marie Mak, a director in GAO’s Contracting and National Security Acquisitions team, discusses our report on the challenges DOD faces in its CFIUS role:



Photograph of the Pentagon

IRS Authentication Efforts: In the wake of large-scale data breaches, hacks, and cyberattacks affecting both private and government organizations, the IRS must ensure they are dealing with actual taxpayers—not fraudsters—and stay current in a changing cyber environment. Listen to Jay McTigue, a director in our Strategic Issues team, talk about our report on IRS taxpayer authentication efforts:

IRS Taxpayer Authentication Efforts


Photograph of Jay McTigue

Keep an ear out for our next podcasts to keep up with the latest GAO interviews on significant issues and new reports.

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