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GAO discussed the effectiveness of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) efforts to rebuild its work force since the air traffic controller strike 10 years ago. GAO noted that: (1) according to FAA-updated staffing standards, FAA is about 700 controllers, or 4 percent, below its overall staffing goal of 18,300; (2) at selected air traffic control facilities, actual staffing levels differ substantially from the prescribed standards; and (3) FAA is developing a new plan to improve its hiring, training, and placement of controllers, but the agency is still undertaking related corrective actions that were initiated as long ago as 1987; (4) FAA instituted a pay demonstration project to enhance it ability to recruit and retain experienced, qualified personnel in certain hard-to-staff facilities; (5) FAA started a college training program to provide another source of FAA controllers; and (6) FAA plans to contract for the operation of low-level facilities.

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