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GAO discussed the Department of Transportation's fiscal year 1991 budget request, focusing on the: (1) Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) systems modernization programs; (2) Federal Highway Administration's Interstate Highway Program; and (3) National Railroad Passenger Corporation's (Amtrak) Revenue Enhancement Program. GAO noted that: (1) most of the FAA modernization projects experienced development and installation delays that, in turn, required interim projects to upgrade existing systems; (2) FAA did not properly plan and assess its needs before seeking modernization funds; (3) FAA did not identify the human resources needed to implement modernization projects, and insufficient staff would cause further delays in installing and testing equipment and training personnel; (4) FAA will not meet its staffing goals for air traffic controllers, inspectors, and maintenance technicians, and its training initiatives are falling behind schedule; (5) over 40 percent of interstate system pavement was in poor or fair condition; (6) about half of interstate preservation funds will be used for lane widening, a much larger percentage than previously anticipated; and (7) Amtrak's revenue enhancement activities will not cover its operating losses and capital needs.

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