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GAO discussed sexual harassment at the military service academies, focusing on the: (1) extent of sexual harassment at the academies; (2) various forms of sexual harassment, and its effects on the victims; and (3) academies' efforts to eradicate sexual harassment. GAO noted that: (1) the academies have not met the Department of Defense's (DOD) goal of providing a sexual harassment-free environment; (2) almost all academy women surveyed experienced at least one form of sexual harassment during academic year 1991; (3) the majority of academy men surveyed have never experienced sexual harassment; (4) most sexual harassment at the academies is verbal; (5) academy faculty and staff perceive sexual harassment as a problem; (6) academy women tend to deal with sexual harassment informally due to embarrassment, shame, and fear of retaliation; (7) only 26 sexual harassment incidents were formally reported during 1991; (8) the academies have a number of procedures for reporting sexual harassment complaints; (9) students subjected to sexual harassment experience a higher level of stress and have a lesser desire to make the military their career; (10) the academies have generally met the minimum DOD requirements for sexual harassment eradication programs, but they have failed to evaluate their sexual harassment eradication programs in a routine, systematic manner; and (11) there are several sexual harassment eradication programs at other institutions that could be effective at the service academies.

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