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GAO discussed: (1) the skill qualifications of National Guard and Reserve members; and (2) its detailed analysis of Army skill qualifications data and proposals for improving members' performance. GAO noted that: (1) about 25 percent of reservists lack full training for their duty positions; and (2) the services cite lengthy training periods, the necessity for retraining, geographic constraints, equipment modernization or replacement, and mission assignment changes as reasons for reservists' skill deficiencies. GAO also noted that the services, to improve reservists' skills and qualifications, have developed: (1) modularized training programs; (2) readiness centers with training equipment and simulators; (3) on-the-job-training programs; and (4) individual training plans to meet mobilization needs. In addition, GAO noted that the Army: (1) regarded reservists who completed their Advanced Individual Training (AIT) as qualified, although AIT did not always cover all critical job tasks; (2) lacked overall information on reservists' proficiency, since it did not require them to take its Skill Qualification Test; and (3) has taken or is considering taking action to improve reservists' training, including development of evaluation methodologies and training strategies.

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