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GAO discussed the Army's proposed modifications to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle to improve its survivability, reliability, and performance. GAO found that: (1) based on test results, the Army decided to restow the vehicle's ammunition internally; (2) since the Army's installation of new locking device mechanisms, about 1,000 vehicles have participated in swimming exercises with no sinking problems; and (3) although the design changes to the vehicle's transmission components increased its reliability, the Army has not completed modifications in all of the vehicles. GAO also found that: (1) although the Army corrected some of the vehicle's electronic problems, there were still problems with the automated test equipment; (2) the vehicle cannot perform sustained operations in a contaminated environment because it lacks a nuclear biological chemical system; (3) the vehicle's heating system does not provide sufficient heat for the entire crew; (4) the Army plans to equip about 600 vehicles with reactive armor and will eventually retrofit 4,500 of the anticipated 6,800 vehicles; and (5) as a result of these modifications, the vehicle's weight will increase to 65,000 pounds.

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