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GAO reviewed Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA) policies for project administration because UMTA has made large expenditures over the past decade to finance construction of capital projects. The review focused on a high-speed rail project in Philadelphia and a project extending the New York City subway system.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Urban Mass Transportation Administration 1. The Administrator, UMTA, should establish policy requiring reassessment of major capital projects at the completion of specified project milestones.
Closed - Not Implemented
GAO is closing this recommendation because it has been open for over a year and GAO is still unsure whether or not UMTA will implement it. In addition, past GAO success in terms of UMTA implementing this type of recommendation is poor. However, GAO will examine UMTA action in regard to this recommendation and similar ones as part of an overall capping report.

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