Month In Review, October 1998: Reports, Testimony, Correspondence, and Other Publications

OPA-99-1 Published: Nov 01, 1998. Publicly Released: Nov 01, 1998.
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This is the Month In Review of reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications for October 198. Highlights include: (1) Gender Issues--Information on DOD's Assignment policy and direct ground combat definition (page 20); (2) Criminal Aliens--INS' efforts to remove imprisoned aliens continue to need improvement (Page 18); (3) Department of Energy--DOE needs to improve controls over foreign visitors to its weapons laboratories (page 4); (4) Combating Terrorism--observations on the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Domestic Preparedness Program (page 23); and (5) Medical Devices--FDA can improve oversight of tracking and recall systems (page 10).