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This is a compilation of the Reports and Testimony released in August, 1991. Highlights include: (1) Bank insurance Fund: The fund that protects federally insured bank deposits will likely be insolvent by year's end, and by September 30 the Resolution Trust Corp., responsible for the savings and loan cleanup, will have exhausted all but $1 billion of the $80 billion Congress provided to cover losses in the industry. (2) Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Although the Trans-Alaska Pipeline delivers nearly 25 percent of the nation's domestic oil supply across some of the most hazardous geologic terrain of any pipeline in the world, it has lacked adequate safety oversight because government agencies essentially let the oil companies who own the pipeline police themselves. (3) Transition from School to Work: U.S. competitiveness in global markets would be enhanced if more American youth who don't graduate from college--about 80 percent of all young people--were enrolled in high quality cooperative education programs that combine classroom instruction with work experience and on-the-job training.

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