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GAO reviewed the Army's Land Warrior System, focusing on: (1) various technology and human factor problems associated with system development; (2) the Army's acquisition strategy; and (3) the Army's plans to integrate the system with the digital battlefield.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Department of the Army 1. The Secretary of the Army should defer or restrict the purchase of Land Warrior systems until the Army: (1) determines the Army acquisition objective; (2) resolves critical technical and human factor problems; (3) demonstrates successful digital battlefield integration with prototype systems; and (4) ensures that Land Warrior-equipped soldiers will outperform standard-equipped soldiers in head-to-head testing.
Closed - Implemented
The Army Acquisition Objective was finalized in March 1998. Beginning in fiscal year 2000, program officials have taken steps to address recommendations 2 through 4. The System MANPRINT Management Plan identified 15 issues that cannot be addressed until design configuration is final and Initial Operational Test and Evaluation is complete. Prior to development testing, Land Warrior must demonstrate integration into the digitized battlefield in the Digital Integration Laboratory at CECOM. The integration effort will then be verified during Land Warrior developmental testing and Initial Operational Test and Evaluation. To outperform the Soldier Integrated Protective Ensemble (SIPE)-equipped soldier, continuing system refinement will be needed before going into production.
Department of the Army 2. Because the cost to equip the contingency corps could exceed $1.4 billion, the Secretary of the Army should ensure that Land Warrior receives the monitoring and oversight appropriate for an Acquisition Category II major weapons system.
Closed - Implemented
On January 13, 1997, the Army Acquisition Executive designated the Land Warrior as an ACAT II program.

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