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Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed the Department of Defense's (DOD) support of the 1996 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, and payment of travel expenses for nonfederal law enforcement officials to the 1993 Presidential inauguration. GAO noted that: (1) to avoid short-term depletion of municipal water supplies, DOD will provide about $5,659 on a reimbursable basis to irrigate three hockey fields during Olympic competitions; (2) DOD will provide 35 ice chests for use by Atlanta police in the field; (3) the Army has towed three barges to be used in support of yachting events from Charleston, South Carolina, to Atlanta, Georgia, at a cost of $9,247; (4) the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) has reimbursed the Navy $39,750 for repairs to the barges; (5) DOD will provide 1,058 commercially licensed bus and van drivers to transport athletes and coaches to and from sporting events at a cost of $978,450; (6) Georgia will reimburse DOD for the costs of obtaining commercial driver licenses for the 358 troops stationed in Georgia; (7) DOD will pay ACOG for housing and meals for military personnel supporting the Olympic Games; (8) about 5,200 National Guardsmen will perform security-related functions during the Olympic Games; and (9) DOD paid for the lodging and the U.S. Secret Service paid for the airfare for nine Atlanta police officials to attend the 1993 Presidential inauguration so they could study and synthesize the Secret Service's security plans for the event.

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