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GAO reviewed the Department of Defense's (DOD) fiscal year 1996 budget request, focusing on the Army's plan to begin low-rate initial production (LRIP) of the Joint Surveillance Target and Attack Radar System's Light Ground Station Module (LGSM). GAO noted that: (1) LGSM has not met all DOD exit criteria for LRIP; (2) it is questionable whether LGSM has actually met the criteria that DOD officials have reported; and (3) LGSM test results have raised serious questions about the maturity of LGSM and the appropriateness of entering LRIP at this time.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Department of Defense 1. The Secretary of Defense should instruct the Army to postpone the LGSM LRIP contract award until DOD has had an opportunity to further review the LGSM test results and has assurance that LGSM has demonstrated the ability to meet all exit criteria established by DOD for proceeding to LRIP.
Closed - Not Implemented
DOD did not agree with GAO's recommendation and is allowing the Army to proceed to LRIP. DOD noted that it had reviewed assessments of the system, problems identified in testing, and the Army proposed solutions for problems identified during testing. DOD commented that, based on this analysis it judged that there was low risk in allowing to the Army to enter LRIP.

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