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A review was undertaken to determine whether public airport lands, acquired by direct grants of funds and by donations of federal real property, are properly controlled and used in accordance with deed restrictions and applicable laws.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Department of Transportation 1. To curb the unauthorized use of federally obligated airport land, the Secretary of Transportation should require the Administrator of FAA to determine the extent of improper and unauthorized uses of land at federally obligated airports and encourage airport sponsors to take corrective actions as needed. If the sponsors are unwilling to do so, FAA should reclaim donated land that is not being used or developed for the purpose conveyed in and in accordance with the conveyance agreement. Further, FAA should obtain reimbursement or ensure proper reinvestment by an airport sponsor in other airport improvements where land purchased with grant assistance is not being used appropriately. To increase program effectiveness, the Secretary of Transportation should direct FAA headquarters to become more actively involved in the control and administration of the program by requiring its regional offices to: (1) follow established program policies and procedures; (2) evaluate program needs and provide appropriate staff resources to carry out an effective monitoring and enforcement program; and (3) establish and maintain accurate, complete, and current records to document airport lands with a Federal interest and the related compliance status of airport sponsors.
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