Financial Audit Manual: Volume 1, June 2018 (Updated April 2020)

GAO-18-601G Published: Jun 14, 2018. Publicly Released: Jun 14, 2018.
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This publication supersedes GAO-08-585G, Financial Audit Manual: Volume 1, July 2008. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) maintain the GAO/CIGIE Financial Audit Manual (FAM). The FAM presents a methodology for performing financial statement audits of federal entities in accordance with professional standards and consists of three volumes. The FAM is a key tool for enhancing accountability over taxpayer-provided resources. FAM Volume 1 contains audit methodology.

In addition to this volume, please see the other two volumes of the GAO/CIGIE FAM:

  • Financial Audit Manual: Volume 2 (GAO-18-625G) provides detailed implementation guidance;
  • Financial Audit Manual: Volume 3 (GAO-21-105127) contains the Federal Financial Reporting Checklist (FAM 2010).

For more information, please visit the main Financial Audit Manual page, or contact Larry Malenich at (202) 512-3406 or

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