Mutual Funds: Additional Disclosures Could Increase Transparency of Fees and Other Practices

GAO-04-317T Published: Jan 27, 2004. Publicly Released: Jan 27, 2004.
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Concerns have been raised over whether the disclosures of mutual fund fees and other fund practices are sufficiently fair and transparent to investors. Our June 2003 report, Mutual Funds: Greater Transparency Needed in Disclosures to Investors, GAO-03- 763, reviewed (1) how mutual funds disclose their fees and related trading costs and options for improving these disclosures, (2) changes in how mutual funds pay for the sale of fund shares and how the changes in these practices are affecting investors, and (3) the benefits of and the concerns over mutual funds' use of soft dollars. This testimony summarizes the results of our report and discusses certain events that have occurred since it was issued.

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