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The Comptroller General formed the Employee Advisory Council (EAC) about 4 years ago to be fully representative of the GAO population and advise him on issues pertaining to both management and employees. The members of the EAC represent a variety of employee groups and almost all employees outside of the senior executive service (more than 3,000 of GAO's 3,200 employees or 94 percent). The EAC operates as an umbrella organization that incorporates representatives of GAO's long-standing employee organizations including groups representing the disabled, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, African-Americans, gays and lesbians, veterans, and women, as well as employees in various pay bands, attorneys, and administrative and professional staff. As established in our charter, the Employee Advisory Council serves as an advisory body to the Comptroller General and other senior executives by: seeking and conveying the views and concerns of the individual employee groups it represents while being sensitive to the mutual interests of all employees, regardless of their grade, band, or classification group; proposing solutions to concerns raised by employees, as appropriate; providing input by assessing and commenting on GAO policies, procedures, plans, and practices; and, communicating issues and concerns of the Comptroller General and other senior managers to employees. In preparing for our testimony today, the EAC considered the results of discussions with constituents, and input from Council representatives, including information gathered from employees during the initial introduction of the proposal and comments provided on the Comptroller General's revised proposal. Although we have limited quantitative data in this regard and recognize that not all employees have the same opinions regarding all provisions of the proposed legislation, we believe our testimony is representative of a substantial cross-section of GAO employees.

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