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Management Agenda for the Presidential and Congressional Transition: Strengthen Human Capital Capabilities to Enhance Performance

Published: Nov 10, 2016. Publicly Released: Nov 10, 2016.
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GAO's Management Agenda is a streamlined tool for new leaders to quickly learn about critical management challenges and risks facing the federal government and the actions needed to address those challenges. Eight management challenges are highlighted in the Management Agenda:

  • Manage Finances to Improve the Nation's Fiscal Condition
  • Manage Acquisitions to Maximize Cost Savings and Performance 
  • Develop and Manage Information Technology to Meet the Government's Needs 
  • Strengthen Cybersecurity Over Sensitive Data and Protect Critical Infrastructure Systems 
  • Strengthen Human Capital Capabilities to Enhance Performance
    Strategic federal human capital management is fundamental to maximizing the government’s performance and assuring its accountability to the nation as a whole. Challenges for Congress and the incoming administration include addressing mission critical skills gaps, recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, aligning human capital strategies across government, and changing agency cultures. See additional materials for more information.
  • Collaborate to Achieve National Outcomes 
  • Improve Federal Performance to Better Achieve Results 
  • Promote Transparency and Open Government to Enhance Civic Engagement and Foster Innovation

The Presidential Transition Act points to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) as a resource for incoming administrations as well as new Congresses. Explore our Presidential and Congressional Transition Resources.

For more information, contact J. Christopher Mihm at (202) 512-6806 or

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