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A survey was inititated to review allegations that the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) was acquiring automatic data processing (ADP) equipment without complying with the Brooks Act, Federal procurement regulations, and competitive procurement statutes. FJC officials maintained that it was exempt from the provisions of the Act and other regulations relating to the procurement of ADP equipment because: (1) the provisions in the legislation that created FJC show that Congress intended that FJC be exempt from legislation otherwise requiring central control over the procurement of ADP equipment; and (2) the need for FJC independence from the General Services Administration (GSA) involvement in ADP procurement is provided by the legislation in the Speedy Trial Act of 1974. GAO reviewed the legislative histories of FJC and the Acts involved and could find no support for the position taken by FJC. Therefore, GAO held that FJC must comply with the Brooks Act and the GSA implementing regulations in all ADP equipment procurements. A report was issued to FJC for its use with all future procurements of ADP equipment.

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