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GAO reviewed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's (FDIC) asset disposition strategies, focusing on whether FDIC information systems provide essential data for asset disposition analyses. GAO noted that: (1) FDIC has not analyzed sold assets to determine which disposition strategies produce the greatest net return; (2) FDIC corporate information systems do not track the asset-level expense data needed for asset disposition strategy analyses; (3) current FDIC systems are not designed to provide descriptive and financial information about bank assets; (4) FDIC cannot directly access contractors' information systems and contractors are not required to send FDIC detailed data about the income and expenses of the individual assets they manage; (5) although FDIC recognizes its systems deficiencies and has initiated a project to address some system problems, it has not decided whether it will require post analyses of asset dispositions; and (6) FDIC need for better asset disposition analyses will increase when it takes over the responsibilities of the Resolution Trust Corporation after December 1995.

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