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Submitting a Rule to GAO

Should agencies submit proposed rules to GAO?

No. Agencies should only submit major, non-major, and interim final rules to GAO.

How should agencies submit rules to GAO?

Agencies should send their submissions to Submissions should include a completed Submission of Federal Rules form (PDF, 2 pages) and a copy of the rule (Microsoft Word version or searchable PDF). For major rules, agencies should also provide proof of receipt of rule submissions by both the House and Senate. Satisfactory proof of receipt includes citations to the Congressional Record or signed delivery receipts reflecting the date of receipt.

Does GAO confirm receipt of submissions?

Confirmation is sent to agencies for rules received by e-mail.

Please contact with questions about your submission.

How should agencies submit rules to Congress?

In addition to sending submissions to GAO, agencies are required to send submissions to the House and Senate. Agencies should consult relevant congressional staff on how to send their submissions. Submission to GAO DOES NOT constitute submission to Congress.

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