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OIG FOIA Requests

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The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Office of Inspector General (OIG), is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (5 USC 552). However, GAO's disclosure policy follows the spirit of the act consistent with GAO's duties and functions as an agency with primary responsibility to the Congress.

See 4 CFR 81 on public availability of GAO records.


How to Request Records from GAO OIG

For requesting records from GAO, OIG's parent agency, see GAO's FOIA page.

Make your request by email to:

We may charge fees. See 4 CFR 81.7.

Questions? Contact GAO OIG at 202-512-5748.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, GAO OIG staff are working remotely. You must submit requests by email. Any requests previously sent by mail or fax will be processed after GAO returns to normal operations.

Expedited Processing and Appeal Rights

We consider expedited processing requests from

  • requesters who show that delays pose an imminent threat to a person's life or physical safety, or
  • journalists who show an urgent need to inform the public about actual or alleged federal government activity.

See 4 CFR 81.4(b) and 4 CFR 81.3(f).

If your request to release records is denied, you may appeal that decision by sending a letter to the Inspector General explaining why you believe the denial was unwarranted. You must submit your appeal within 60 days of denial. See 4 CFR 81.4(d).

GAO OIG does not release records that

  • originate outside of GAO OIG (those requests are referred to the original source);
  • are part of an ongoing review or other current projects; or
  • relate to work performed in response to a congressional request, unless the congressional requester authorizes the release.