Report Federal Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Mismanagement

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Cuba Information

Alert: GAO was asked by Congress to review the Department of State’s response to the incidents in Cuba that resulted in serious injury to U.S. diplomats and their family members in 2016 and 2017. If you were in Havana between October 2016 and September 2017 and would like to report information regarding the effects of those incidents or State’s response, you can provide it by clicking on the “Report Fraud” button below. We are providing this mechanism to collect information anonymously, not to imply fraud, waste, or abuse by the Department of State.

How to Report Fraud

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If you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement of federal funds, FraudNet can help you report your concerns to the right people.


  • Refers allegations to federal, state, and local law enforcement, and Offices of Inspector General, as appropriate
  • Supports congressional investigation and audit requests
  • Provides audit and investigative leads to GAO staff
  • Offers support to government at all levels for establishing and operating hotlines

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GAO’s OIG Hotline

The Office of the Inspector General investigates allegations of potential fraud, waste, or abuse of GAO property, assets, and resources or other serious problems in GAO’s operations, including the possible violations of rules and laws. For reporting this type of fraud involving GAO, visit the GAO Inspector General Page.