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Report and Prevent Fraud

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About FraudNet

GAO maintains the FraudNet hotline to support accountability across the federal government. If you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement of federal funds, FraudNet can help report your allegations to the right people. After reviewing your allegations and obtaining additional information as necessary, FraudNet will refer your allegations to federal, state, or local agencies or departments, as appropriate. FraudNet also supports congressional investigations and audit requests, provides audit and investigative leads to GAO staff, and offers support to government at all levels for establishing and operating hotlines.

Report Fraud

Check out our video about FraudNet and reporting fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of federal funds.

Reporting Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement of Federal Funds


Fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of federal funds can cost millions of dollars. Learn what we mean by these terms, and how you can report them through GAO’s FraudNet.

You can also learn more about FraudNet from our infographic.

COVID-19 Update: Federal agencies will be responsible for ensuring that all the funds from the record $2 trillion stimulus package end up where they’re supposed to. GAO has been tasked with tracking that money. If you suspect waste, fraud, or abuse of stimulus funds, you can help us out by using FraudNet to report your concerns. Read April 10 press release.

How to Report Fraud Online

Please Note: We strongly encourage you to submit your concern online so we may provide a timelier response. We discourage submission of concerns via regular mail as this may cause a delay in our response.

Standard - You do not place any restrictions on the release of your contact information. If necessary, we may contact you for more information about your submission. Submitting allegations online through our website form is the preferred method. You have three filing preferences to choose from when submitting an allegation through our website:

Confidential - We will keep your name confidential and will not release your contact information. If necessary, we may contact you for more information about your submission.

Anonymous - You can remain anonymous and not provide your contact information. When selecting this option, there will be no way to contact you for more information about your submission.

Click the button below to report Fraud using our online form.

Report Fraud

We cannot accept classified information or files larger than 500mb when reporting allegations through our website—please call our hotline if you need to do so.

Other Ways to Report Fraud

Phone: 1-800-424-5454

Fax: 202-512-2841

Mailing Address:

441 G Street, N.W.
Mail Stop 4T21
Washington, DC 20548

After You Submit an Allegation

If you choose a filing preference of either standard or confidential, you may be contacted if additional information is required to process this allegation. Your allegation will be processed by FraudNet in the order it was received. If the determination is made to refer your allegation to federal, state, or local agencies or departments, you will be notified by FraudNet. If you choose a filing preference of anonymous, you will not be contacted by FraudNet staff regarding your allegation or what action, if any, is taken.

How to Follow Up

After submitting an allegation, it is assigned a unique control number. Please provide this control number when contacting FraudNet about the status of your submission. If you have additional information about a previously submitted complaint, please submit a new allegation and include the control number of the related complaint in your submission.

How to Report Allegations Involving GAO

GAO’s Office of the Inspector General investigates allegations of potential fraud, waste, or abuse of GAO property, assets, and resources or other serious problems in GAO’s operations, including the possible violations of rules and laws. To report this type of fraud involving GAO, visit the GAO Inspector General Page.