SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL FOR GAO-17-624: Survey Results for Selected Tribal and Major City Law Enforcement Agencies and Victim Service Providers on Human Trafficking

GAO-17-626SP, July 2017

This product is a supplement to HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Information on Cases in Indian Country or that Involved Native Americans (GAO-17-624).


This supplement presents the results of surveys GAO conducted of tribal law enforcement agencies, selected major city law enforcement agencies, and selected victim service providers. This supplement contains the questions included in each survey and a summary of the aggregate responses. Further information about survey administration is included with each survey summary. Narrative answers to open-ended questions are not displayed to minimize the risk of disclosing the identity of respondents. GAO administered the surveys from September 2016 through January 2017 in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. A more detailed discussion of the scope and methodology is contained in the full report, GAO-17-624.

Survey of Major City Law Enforcement Agencies
Survey of Victim Service Providers
Survey of Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies


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