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Forest Service: Alaska Region's Operating Costs for Fiscal Years 1993 Through 1998

T-RCED-98-227 Published: Jul 28, 1998. Publicly Released: Jul 28, 1998.
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Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO discussed: (1) the National Forest Service's Alaska Region's allocation of funds for its operating costs for fiscal year (FY) 1993 through FY 1998; (2) the nature, purpose, and allocation of centralized field costs and the steps the Alaska Region is taking to comply with the congressional limitation on the expenditures for the regional office and centralized field costs; (3) the rationale for and the distribution of regional reserve funds; and (4) whether the Forest Service's National Forest System and Research appropriations were used appropriately to pay for work performed by the Pacific Northwest Research Station in connection with the revision of the Tongass Land Management Plan and for post-plan studies.

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