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GAO discussed its fiscal year: (1) 1992 funding requirements; and (2) 1990 accomplishments. GAO noted that it: (1) accomplished exceptional work that focused on major national issues by becoming more operationally efficient; (2) implemented programs geared toward awarding its personnel for work well done and providing training and equipment that enabled them to perform high-quality work in an efficient manner; and (3) made audit process and procedure changes and examined alternative ways of performing work. GAO also noted that it requested: (1) $489,475,000 to fund 5,200 average positions and authority to use $6.2 million in funds paid by other federal agencies for their share costs as tenants in a GAO building; (2) $40.9 million to maintain its existing capacity; (3) $7.2 million for the costs of 100 additional personnel; (4) $28.2 million to achieve operational efficiencies; (5) an increase of $1 million for consulting and contract services; (6) $1.2 million more in funding to increase the amount of time its evaluators spend in the field collecting data and for supervisory travel; (7) an $883,000 increase for its training institute; (8) a $10.1-million increase for its automatic data processing activities; (9) a $14.4-million increase to continue to operate and maintain the headquarters building; and (10) $1.8 million to continue preparations to host the Triennial Congress of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions in October 1992.

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