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GAO discussed U.S. efforts to assist Colombia in interdicting drug production and trafficking activities, focusing on U.S. and Colombia agencies' progress in implementing U.S. antidrug programs. GAO noted that: (1) the United States believes its antidrug efforts in Colombia are effective; (2) Colombia has demonstrated its commitment to participate in counternarcotic activities and disrupt drug-trafficking activities in Colombia; (3) the United States cannot adequately measure the effectiveness of its antidrug programs because it lacks sufficient drug-trafficking data; (4) obstacles that hinder U.S. antidrug program implementation and effectiveness include Colombian agency planning and implementation problems, the increase of narco-terrorist activities, the expansion of drug trafficking activities, Colombian government corruption, and the lack of effective antidrug programs in neighboring countries; (5) the Department of State could not predict how reduced Colombian military and law enforcement program funding would impact U.S. antidrug objectives; (6) budgetary constraints and poor U.S. financial management, inventory control, and agency coordination hinder the implementation of Colombian antidrug programs; (7) U.S. Embassy officials could not ensure that U.S. policies regarding aid and human rights are being met; and (8) the United States needs to reevaluate antidrug programs in Colombia and the Andean region and improve management and oversight of U.S.-provided aid.

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