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GAO discussed the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee's (TPCC) strategic plan to promote exports. GAO noted that: (1) export promotion programs can increase exports of competitive U.S. products and improve the U.S. trade balance; (2) the current federal export promotion system is fragmented and inefficient; (3) the Export Enhancement Act of 1992 directs the administration to establish priorities for export promotion activities, reshape export programs to reflect those priorites, and marshall federal resources to fund export promotion programs; (4) the strategic plan requires officials from different agencies with different missions to work together to determine a common set of priorities for export promotion; (5) the plan was developed with high-level involvement among federal export promotion agencies; (6) the plan does not establish governmentwide export promotion priorities or propose a unified export promotion budget; (7) the plan is expected to integrate a range of export services for small to medium-sized firms; (8) the results of the administration's efforts to set federal export promotion priorities will be an indication of TPCC success; (9) the TPCC effort will require continued, high-level administration involvement and support; (10) the administration should use a well-reasoned analytical methodology for establishing federal export promotion priorities; and (11) a unified export promotion budget is needed for the strategic plan to be successful.

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