Natural Resources: Five-Year Bibliography 1991-1995

RCED-96-165W Published: Aug 01, 1996. Publicly Released: Aug 01, 1996.
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GAO published a list and abstracts of its natural resources-related reports and testimony issued from January 1991 through December 1995, regarding such issues as: (1) land and natural resources management; (2) the National Park System; (3) national forests; (4) concessioners; (5) recreation activities; (6) financial management; (7) endangered species and wildlife conservation; (8) wetlands conservation; (9) fisheries; (10) wilderness areas; (11) grazing fees and rangeland management; (12) mine reclamation; (13) oil and mineral production and transport; (14) water resources, quality, and pollution control; (15) timberlands and timber sales; and (16) Native Americans and tribal lands.

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