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In response to a congressional request, GAO reviewed: (1) certain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) management controls over its Lead Rights Banking Program; and (2) the program's legal basis.

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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Environmental Protection Agency 1. The Administrator, EPA, should establish specific time frames to develop: (1) a methodology for auditing refiners to verify reported data and ensure compliance with program requirements, and initiate such audits promptly; and (2) an enforcement policy, including the identification of program violations, enforcement actions to be taken, and the penalties to be assessed, and take appropriate actions against identified program violators.
Closed - Implemented
EPA developed a methodology, completed 19 audits, and plans seven more during the remainder of FY 1987. It expects to finalize an enforcement policy in August 1987, but has already begun enforcement actions.
Environmental Protection Agency 2. The Administrator, EPA, should: (1) require periodic reviews or assessments of agency actions being taken to expedite the review, processing, and reconciliation of refiners' reports; and (2) take other actions, such as providing additional staff or further modifying computer capabilities, if satisfactory progress is not being made.
Closed - Implemented
EPA agreed to periodically assess its review, processing, and reconciliation of refinery reports. However, it stated that, by hiring additional staff, it has accellerated report processing and is now current.

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