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An international exposition on energy, Expo 82, will be hosted by Knoxville, Tennessee. GAO was requested to review the bidding practices associated with the Knoxville International Energy Exposition. Work being done by the Department of Commerce was reviewed, and officials at the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Urban Development Action Grant office were interviewed. HUD officials were responsible for reviewing and approving the grants made to Knoxville for Expo 82.

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Matter for Congressional Consideration

Matter Status Comments
Congress should amend section 3(c) of Public Law 91-269.
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Recommendations for Executive Action

Agency Affected Recommendation Status
Department of Commerce 1. The Secretary of Commerce should disclose to Congress in the justification for authorization and appropriation of funds whether sufficient leadtime is available to design and build a permanent pavilion using conventional contracting procedures. If the leadtime is insufficient but a permanent facility is warranted, Commerce should disclose the basis for its decision and the extra cost that will be incurred.
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