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Statistics were compiled on congressional reporting requirements. The average growth in recurring reports over the decades 1920-1970 was 76.4 per decade (15 percent); for the annual periods 1962-1978, the growth was 57.8 per year (7 percent). In the largest category--reports submitted by cabinet level agencies--the number of reports fluctuated considerably between 1920 and 1960 but was little higher at the end of this period than at the beginning. In the decade 1960-1970, there was a significant increase in this category, 65 percent, with the greatest increases in requirements levied on cabinet level agencies. In the 1962-1968 period, the total number of reports increased 199 percent; those required to be submitted by the President increased 541 percent. The results of interviews on report preparation and management procedures by agencies were provided. Most agencies indicated that they use the "Guide to Estimating Reporting Costs" to calculate costs for reports preparation, but there were wide variances in reported cost data for similar reports. A more rigorous review of costs of reports must be conducted before accurate cost assessments can be made.

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