Month In Review, April 1999: Reports, Testimony, Correspondence, and Other Publications

OPA-99-7 Published: May 01, 1999. Publicly Released: May 01, 1999.
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This is the Month in Review of reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications for the Month of April, 1999. Highlights include: (1) Fresh Produce--potential consequences of country-of-origin labeling, page 2; (2) Drug Control--INS and Customs can do more to prevent drug-related employee corruption, page 34; (3) Assisted Living--quality-of-care and consumer protection issues in four states, page 19; (4) Space Station--status of Russian involvement and cost control efforts, page 46; and (5) South Florida Ecosystem Restoration--an overall strategic plan and a decision-making process are needed to keep the effort on track.