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This is a compilation of the Reports and Testimony released in October, 1994. Highlights include: (1) Handheld Missle Security--Among other discrepancies, 40 deadly Stinger missiles shipped to the Middle East during the Persian Gulf War could not be accounted for when GAO visited storage sites to check the inventory of handheld missiles--the Stinger, the Redeye, and the Dragon. In all, inventory records differed from GAO's physical count by thousands of missiles (Page 22); (2) Postal Labor-Management Reforms--Poor labor-management relations at U.S. Postal Service facilities are long-standing and have multiple causes that are related to an autocratic management style, adversarial employee and union attitudes, and inappropriate and inadequate performance management systems (Page 13); and (3) Soviet-Designed Nuclear Reactors--Fifty-eight Soviet-designed civilian nuclear power reactors are still operating, including 15 of the type that exploded at Chernobyl. Despite an internationally funded effort to close the reactors down or improve their safety, the West faces formidable challenges in securing closure because countries operating the reactors depend on the power they generate (Page 4).