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OIG Strategic Plan: 2013-2017

OIG-12-1SP Published: Aug 01, 2012. Publicly Released: Aug 01, 2012.
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The GAO Inspector General presented the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Strategic Plan covering fiscal years 2013-2017. This strategic plan has been updated to reflect the statutory authorities created in the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Act of 2008 and the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2012. In November 2011, Congress designated the GAO Inspector General (IG) to also serve as the IG for the Commission on Civil Rights (CCR) and directed that personnel of GAO’s OIG be utilized to perform the duties of the IG for the CCR. The strategic plan discusses the vision, mission, goals, and performance measures that will guide our work for the next 5 years. Strategic planning is the starting point and foundation for defining what an office seeks to accomplish, identifying the strategies it will use to achieve desired results and then determining how well it succeeds in reaching results-oriented goals and achieving objectives. Developing a strategic plan can help clarify organizational priorities and unify the agency’s staff in the pursuit of shared goals. As we implement this Strategic Plan, our objective is to continue to play a critical role in protecting and preserving agency assets and resources. We will focus on mitigating those management challenges facing GAO and CCR through continued collaboration and cooperation with the Comptroller General (CG), the CCR Commissioners, and their senior management. Performance measures outlined in this Strategic Plan will enable us to measure our success both in assisting GAO and CCR to achieve their goals and in measuring our internal improvement efforts.

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