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This is a publication by GAO's Inspector General that concerns internal GAO operations. In accordance with Section 5 of the Government Accountability Office Act of 2008 (GAO Act), this is the semiannual report for the 6-month period ending March 31, 2011. During the reporting period, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) continued its efforts to finalize and implement the revised OIG order to reflect our statutory role and responsibilities while continuing to conduct audits and investigations. We are in the process of considering and responding to comments we received on the revised draft OIG order and making changes in the order, as appropriate. In addition, we completed an internal review of our quality assurance framework and are in the process of taking steps to further strengthen our processes and controls in response to this review. We recognize that other changes to our quality assurance framework may be needed as we finalize our OIG order and complete our transition to the role of a statutory OIG. As a result, we do not anticipate participating in a peer review until we have completed this transition and have conducted and fully addressed any recommendations resulting from at least two additional internal inspections.

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